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MKJava is some (hopefully helpful) Java packages I have written. My packages come with source code, and are released under a BSD-like license, so you can do what you want with them, just not take credit for my code.

com.mkaz.htmllib is a Java package which eases the development of HTML documents. The library is extremely useful in servlet development and other java programs that generate HTML documents. The API syntax is intuitive and similar to the Perl CGI.pm module.

com.mkaz.servlet.* so far is two packages which make developing servlets a little bit easier.

One package ServletBufferOut takes the hassle out of creating the PrintWriter out objects, and all of the out.println statements, which is not only easier on the developer but speeds up the servley.

The other package is a generic servlet library which provides numerous time savings functions, from formatting text to insert into a database, to formatting date strings.


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