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Type I Applet

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Download the source code.

This is my typewriter applet.
Not that there isn't plenty of these applets out there.

This one is a little fancier than most. A couple of nice features is that it can display up to 25 lines of text. You could easily expand it to more also, I felt 25 lines would be more than enough. You can also add in extra blank lines, by simply adding the character '$' to your phrase you want outputted.

Another little bonus feature is that the typing rate is not constant. Since no one really types at a constant rate, the speed factor is adjusted randomly.

You can also turn off the sound and stop it all together by clicking on the applet. Clicking once stops sound, again will suspend the thread from and running and clicking once more resumes the applet with sound.

All formatting should stay consistent no matter what text, or size applet you use. You may foul it up though if your applet is very short, ie. shorter than one word.

I haven't implemented any safety measures, such as checks to make sure no bad input is read in, so there might be a few problems still with the applet. So you can call this the beta version if you please.



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