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About web.blazonry

What is web.blazonry?
blazonry provides free scripts, examples, tools, tutorials and info for web developers of all levels and many interests, mainly PHP, JavaScript, Apache, MySQL, but also general purpose articles such as web hosting tips for developers, debugging tips, and more.

blazonry even shows that web dev can be fun (try wu-name and U.S. name generator) and useful (try password generator). But there’s lots more here. Check it out.

I maintain this site in my so-called spare time. Although I am an experienced developer who has worked in the software industry and dot-coms, I am also a new parent and lack the time or interest in providing code fixes and detailed explanations. (Do your own homework and learn something!)

License Info
All tutorials, articles, scripts, programs and code are here to be used. You are free to use them in pretty much anyway you wish, except do not display them on your own site, do not take credit for writing them yourself, and do not repackage them and sell them or give them away. Specifically, all scripts, code, and programs written by me on this site are covered by this license, which is a BSD-style license.


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