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Java Applet: Display Random Image (Motate Applet)

This simple applet randomly displays one of four images when the page is loaded. Each image has a link defined for it. It could serve up ads, for example.

One of the nice things about how this applet is built is that you don't have to re-build it to change the links or the images. Links and images are all defined in HTML on this page.

You could display more or fewer than the 4 images in the demo. Four is what I picked for the demo.

At work we had a CGI script which performed this action, so wrote it in Java. It probably could be easily done in JavaScript, too.

Because of the ad serving application, the demo below displays images from various websites I have worked on and links to the site.

Java Applet Not Shown.
Your browser is not enabled to display Java Applets.

This is just an example, Shift+Reload to see image change.

Because I am the one using this, I did not plan for any errors when entering the parameters. I couple of trys and catches should be used to insure the links and images are actually there.

Also, a double buffering technique could be used to display the image completely, instead of having the image show as it is loaded. Because it only loads one image, I thought this was not necessary.

Get the Source Code  (motate.java.txt)

Here is the HTML part:

<applet code="Motate.class" codebase="classes/" width="336" height="138">
<param name="image1" value="quote1.gif">
<param name="url1" value="http://www.amusing.com/index.php">
<param name="image2" value="quote2.gif">
<param name="url2" value="http://www.crochetkitty.com/index.php">
<param name="image3" value="quote3.gif">
<param name="url3" value="http://www.seatmate.com/index.php">
<param name="image4" value="quote4.gif">
<param name="url4" value="http://www.amusing.com/admiral/index.php">
<param name="n" value="4">
<p><hr><br /><b>Java Applet Not Shown.<br />Your browser is not enabled to display Java Applets.</b><br /><hr></p>



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