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Perl : mail2mysql

December 2000

mail2mysql.pl is a script which reads a mailbox file, parses the messages and inserts them into a MySQL database.

This script was written to send notices via email and have them displayed on the web. The script monitors an email box for messages, when a message arrives it gets put into a database. The database entries are displayed on a webpage using PHP. Because the final destination was the web, I wanted the email messages to be displayed as HTML.


  • mhonarc email to HTML converter.
    mhonarc is used to parse multipart messages and to convert the plain text email to HTML messages.

  • MailTools module
    This module is used to parses the mailbox into individual messages. It needs to be downloaded from CPAN.

  • DBI - MySQL
    Appropiate DBI and MySQL drivers should be installed to insert the messages into the database.

See script comments for more customization and configuration.

Download Script: mail2mysql_pl.txt

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mhonarc.org - An e-mail to HTML converter

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