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Perl : csv2htm

csv2htm converts a comma-delimited text file into an HTML file. It is a fairly simple script which can create a simple HTML table out of Excel exported csv files. The script can easily be modified to convert tab delimited or any delimited rows of data to an HTML table.

All the script does is simply read in each line of the input file, prepends <TR><TD> to the line, converts all delimiters to </TD><TD> and appends </TD></TR> at the end of the line. This puts each value in between delimiters in its own table cell and each line in its own row.

The first line is processed a little differently under the assumption that the row contains your column headings these are given <TH> tags and a light grey background color.

The power of Perl, this script was written in less 20 minutes and I think it works better than Excel's HTML output feature. it doesn't include any of the bullshit formatting such as fonts, weird style sheet adding and other useless junk that Excel puts in there.

Usage: perl csv2htm.pl <infile.csv> <outfile.html>

Download Script: csv2htm_pl.txt


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