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Free Ruby on Rails Programming Tutorial

Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Rails by Example by Michael Hartl
Thinking of learning Ruby on Rails, or want to learn how to build web apps? Do it! Start with this book. It is awesome. The best tutorial book for learning a new technology that I have ever read. And that says a lot because I have read more than I want to admit!

It is available in multiple formats and prices. You can read it free online. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page for instant access. You can buy in PDF format or a printed copy or the Kindle edition.

The big advantage of the PDF is it is searchable. In the online version, the content is spread across multiple web pages. It gets frustrating when you want to find something. You really need to be able to search the entire tutorial to find something you read previously. The free online version is a great way to get started and try it out, but once you decide to stick with it, you will likely be like me and want the PDF. It will make your life better. The PDF also allows easy copy-paste of code where the Kindle version does not paste content so well into your editor.

The reviews on amazon are overwhelmingly rave reviews, just like mine. A 5-star book.

My Review
I give this book 5 stars because it walks you though building an app, step by step, starting from the beginning. It shows you how to check your code into Git, a free version control system , and deploy to heroku. This is incredibly relevant and useful, in addition to being nicely satisfying.

The demo app incorporates test-driven development from the beginning, which is the way to go. Bonus points for having a sample app that contains code that will be useful for a real app. This is nice, but also makes the tutorial more interesting and relevant. Many tutorials and books miss this.

I will add more free Ruby books to this page as I find them.

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