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Bestselling Internet Programming Books

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JavaScript: The Definitive Guide JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

List price: $44.95
Amazon price: $31.47

Professional Stylesheets for Html and Xml Professional Stylesheets for Html and Xml

List price: $39.99
Amazon price: $39.99


Amazon.com prices subject to change.

Programmer Notes

The above list of books as well all lists of Amazon products throughout web.blazonry use Amazon Web Services.

I access Amazon Web Services through XML over HTTP to retrieve product information directly from Amazon's servers. (A SOAP interface is also available.)

This method returns structured data (product name, manufacturer, price, etc.) based on parameters I select (for example, keyword search terms). I use PHP to parse and format the data. I also cache the results per Amazon's request to reduce the load on their servers.

Web services is incredible, powerful technology not limited to any platform, programming language or vendor. PHP is my preferred programming language. You can use Perl, Java, ASP, .NET, etc. You can see the range of technologies in the best-selling books about web services on Amazon.


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